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switch dat t.v off and read this:

The Gospel Of Hip Hop - Page 323 - Verse 45-55 45.

"The true Hiphoppa must make an effort to complete himself if he desires to exert any real influence beyond himself. An incomplete person is unable to direct himself. It is like having a broken leg or broken wing. Only a Self- directed person can get to where he needs to be. Everyone else is drifting or being directed by the intentions and influences of others. 46. Very simply, when you gain control of your Self you shall be able to command your Self to do whatever you wish. The real issue as to why you cannot heal yourself, feel good about yourself or achieve those things that you really want for yourself is because you have very little control of your Self. Your mind does whatever IT wants to do! Your body does whatever IT wants to do! Your emotions are out of Your control! And your own environment acts as if you are not even there! The master of your house is asleep. WAKE UP, HIPHOPPA!

47. When you gain control of your Self you shall tell yourself what to do, and where to go, and what to be and it shall have no choice of its own but to do, or go, or be that which you have commanded it. But first, you must get control of your SELF! 48. Just think. If you wanted to pick up a glass of water but your arms were doing whatever they wanted to do on there own, and the glass of water was doing whatever it wanted to do on it's own, and the table and every thing else were all moving on their own, it would be impossible to pick up the glass and drink. In fact, there would be no glass to drink from.

49. This is how must people live their live! They have no control of themselves of their environment. They are tempted by this and disciplined by that. They are helplessly blown across life like a leaf in the street! This type of life can make anyone insecure, fearful, doubtful and stressed out! It is only when you have complete control of your arms and hands that you can effortlessly move them toward that which you desire. 50. Even deeper, when you realize that what you call your Self is actually the table, the glass and the water as well as your arms and hands, then the table, the glass, the water, your arms, your legs, your mind, your physical environment and your life circumstances shall all stop doing their own things. They shall hear your commands and obey them because at this level of awareness they have no movement outside of your Self - outside of your perception. Your very presence brings everything into harmonious order with each other; each other meaning the totality of your SELF!

51. It is only your limited perception that allows your environment to do what IT wants. In fact, because of your own doubt and disbelief you allow your environment to do what ever IT wants - no one is directing it. This is why it is of extreme importance that you first gain control of your own Self if you are to attain any kind of real peace or lasting prosperity. Such a control begins as a consistent learned habit of the mind. First YOU must get your mind right! First YOU must make the decision to direct your OWN mind, which is done through a defeat of your bodily cravings. Then when you have made up your mind, when you have created your mind-state outside of your cravings, stick to it! STAND YOUR GROUND! Do not be moved! 52. Know this. An uncontrollable, imperfect mind is prison for the true Hiphoppa. For if you cannot direct your own mind and body beyond your own temptations, fears, and doubts then it is obvious that you are lead not by what YOU desire for your Self by what your mind and body crave for themselves. You are their slave. This is why you cannot seem to get anything done for yourself. In spirit you must finally make up your mind, create and build your own mind-state.

53. It is YOU (Spirit) that must order your mind and body to think and move toward YOUR success; otherwise they will think and move toward the fulfillment of their own successes which is your spiritual failure. Right along with the knowing of one's Self and even the creation of one's Self is the true directing of one's Self. Once your tempting desires and cravings no longer have a hold on you, you can properly direct your Self. 54. For it is the will to direct your Self even in the most confusing and uncomfortable situations that proves your spiritual maturity. In fact, the ability to actually direct one's thoughts and actions above the cravings of the flesh is a skill that every true Hiphoppa growing along a spiritual path must attain.

55. This is why many people feel stagnated in their lives, even with success. Most of the time it is because they either lost the ability to direct themselves or they never had the ability to direct themselves. They’ve become slaves to their situations. Whenever they think of something that they would like to do for themselves it is always their OWN uncontrollable fears, doubts, cravings, temptations and other immaturities that prevent them from achieving that which they say that they want for themselves.”

Brotha Lazarus

(@MC_Lazarus1 on twitter)

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